Many years ago I played King of Chicago on PC, in CGA. It looks really good in four colours, but I figured, as a Cinemaware game, the Amiga version was the flagship. Imagine my surprise when I learned that actually the Mac version was the original and it looked like this

@SpindleyQ The Mac version has been on my to-play list for a while. I love it.

I want to play Sinbad on the Amiga as well because it also looks very different from all the other ones and it feels like Cinemaware redid the graphics because they were too weird

@MichaelKlamerus @SpindleyQ They let Bill Williams off the leash for Sinbad on the Amiga, and then toned it down in the ports. Bill kept up the weirdness for the rest of his career tho.

@rainwarrior @MichaelKlamerus I'm way overdue to do a full play through of Bill Williams' ludography.


@SpindleyQ @rainwarrior Same tbh. I've only played Mind Walker but I love it

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