Finally able to pick some raspberries from my garden and 😭😭😭 just the best

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@Spoonboy @voxel woah, I just have two little bushes. Nothing like this. This is wonderful.

@MichaelKlamerus @voxel we're giving a lot to neighbours. I have to fully cover up when picking, it gets spikey in there 😂

@Spoonboy @MichaelKlamerus my mental image of you prancing nude through the bushes with a fruit basket in hand is ruined

@voxel there's only so many prancy nude fruit selfies a man can send you in one week.

@MichaelKlamerus we have raspberries in front and back garden now, and it's one of my favourite things to go out and pick them. We're getting around 400g a day right now!

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