The DOS Games Jam has started! This is a casual, unranked jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for DOS. Tabletop games and zines inspired by games from that era are welcome too! The page also lists tools for creating DOS games

@MichaelKlamerus Such a cool idea. OI'm probably not gonna do anything, but I'm gonna check out some of the resources tonight.

@ash @MichaelKlamerus it says on the page you can also submit earlier games and even submit multiple entries. And there is a full month to create something. I could submit some of my earlier DOS-style games and even do something new (possibly an actual DOS game), as I have been working on a DOS port of an as of yet unreleased game anyway.

@shdon @ash I would love this! But yeah, I also allow previously made/started DOS game because it's motivated people to upload old stuff to Itch that isn't online anywhere and also just to provide a relaxing environment to work on previously started DOS games and hopefully get them more exposure too

@MichaelKlamerus I wonder how many people dig out their copy of Allegro 4 for this gamejam

@MichaelKlamerus @SpindleyQ
Knowing about dos-like would have made the last project so much more fun

@MichaelKlamerus I'm pumped! Just haven't taken the time to paint some game mock ups yet!

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