I'll be on vacation starting this Friday and decided to not take a "general purpose" computer with me so I won't be tempted to work on anything, private project or other.

My phone is ready though. This should keep me entertained for ten evenings.

@rnlf From personal experience, those games would be enough to keep me entertained for ten years, let alone ten evenings.

@algernon Haha, I've actually started MI3 a couple times in the past and given up quickly. But not this time, I will not be defeated again.

@rnlf are these games playable with just finger input? the 'move the cursor slowly all over the screen looking for a 2x2 pixel interactable element' puzzles would be extra tricky this way?

@voxel Turns the entire screen into a laptop touchpad. Works brilliantly on everything I've tried it with.

@rnlf Very nice! Reminds me that I really need to play The Dig at some time.

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