Getting hyped for Return to Monkey Island by playing Curse of MI for the first time.

Haggis McMutton and Edward van Helgen have joined my crew. One more crewman (Cutthroat Bill?!), a map to blood island, and a ship missing.

How hard can it be?

Ah-hah!! Beach Club Membership Card acquired. One step closer to getting a map, I hope.

So, to get Cutthroat Bill to join my crew, I need to show him gold. Blondebeard has a gold tooth *and* wants something crunchy to eat. There's a mud puddle in front of the chicken shop and I know I can use the pie pan to dig for gold there, so that's the obvious part.

Bill has a Jawbreaker, which is a bit too obvious so I think that's definitely a red herring.

What else to serve Blondebeard, though?


Glad to see I got the rest of my hypothesis right though 馃槑

Now a map and a ship 馃

Oh no, it's z潭o潭m潭b潭i潭e潭 monkey pirate LeChu潭c潭k潭imp!

A pirate I was meant to be!
Trim the sails and roam the sea!
Trim the sails and roam the sea!

Making good progress today.

That insult fight was good classic Monkey Island action. Very enjoyable!

@rnlf Part IV is a lot of fun. The mood and evening scenery combined with the bar was great.

I don't know why I had to upset the lactose intolerant volcano good, I just know that I did!

Loving this joke. Same style as the fall-of-a-cliff joke in MI1 or 2, where you're saved by a rubber tree. Funny there are so many rubber trees in this game.

Took my second hint from UHS after stumbling around aimlessly for a couple hours to get here.

I'm not at all sure why Stan would be burried in the Goodsoup family crypt on Blood Island of all places, but this makes me properly nostalgic.

Good old Stan, already trying to sell an insurance to me.

Oh, it's the other crypt.

That makes at least 50% more sense.

It took me *way* too long to get to this place. Part IV is pretty difficult for me for some reason.

Felt really clever when I figured out how to become a Goodsoup though 馃

And I'm finally done, on the last evening of my vacation and just hours before RTMI comes out. Perfect timing. Only that I won't be home before Tuesday evening 馃樀鈥嶐煉

Took three hints from the UHS in the end. Not a bad result for someone who loves adventure games but really, *really* sucks at them.

All in all a pretty good game, IMHO.

Captured the spirit of the originals without copying them. The art style and animation were enjoyable and the voice acting is perfect.

@rnlf Great job! I enjoyed MI3, but "without copying them" is a bit of a stretch: what about the sword fighting, gathering a crew, the mutiniy of the crew, the cannibals, the nails and the coffin, ... ?

@wouter Felt more like references than clones to me. Nostalgic, really.

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