Seeing how the day started, this screen is giving me more anxiety than anything else in my job.

Also, I'd prefer if it updated my laptop's firmware, not mine 😦

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Making good progress today.

That insult fight was good classic Monkey Island action. Very enjoyable!

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Oh no, it's z̶o̶m̶b̶i̶e̶ monkey pirate LeChu̶c̶k̶imp!

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Ah-hah!! Beach Club Membership Card acquired. One step closer to getting a map, I hope.

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Getting hyped for Return to Monkey Island by playing Curse of MI for the first time.

Haggis McMutton and Edward van Helgen have joined my crew. One more crewman (Cutthroat Bill?!), a map to blood island, and a ship missing.

How hard can it be?

Ich schätze, ich bin bei der richtigen Partei 🌻

"dieBasis" hat zu keiner einzigen These eine Begründung abgegeben, passt irgendwie.

I'll be on vacation starting this Friday and decided to not take a "general purpose" computer with me so I won't be tempted to work on anything, private project or other.

My phone is ready though. This should keep me entertained for ten evenings.

Some racist bonehead over on the birdsite asked me whether I had even read any of Tolkien's works.

Sorry, man, only in two languages so far.

"Unsere Antwort: Widerstand" skandieren die höchstens hundert Querspinner in Dauerschleife.

Wogegen wird nicht so richtig klar. Ein trauriger Haufen.

Playing Eye of the Beholder for the first time today because it's @dosgameclub's game of the month.

I played maybe 3 or 4 sessions of AD&D maybe 15 years ago or so. Not much left of what little D&D knowledge I got back then and this games appears to require quite a bit of that. Does a mage require Wisdom or Intelligence or both? How does that work?!? Anyway, stumbled my way to the dungeon's second level now.

Day 9: Negative Antigen Test 🥳

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Now I just need to survive a couple weeks without getting any long COVID problems.

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Slept pretty well. But today's test is halfway between yesterday's and the day before. I thought it'd be negative today 😕

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So, last night I managed to sleep somewhat okay for the first time since Tuesday.

Woke up to cough attacks only twice.

Today's antigen test is very encouraging. Here's the history for the last 4 days:

A shit. After waiting 25 minutes (test says 15-30), this happened. Hardly visible, but I doubt I'm imagining it.

RIP ☹️

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Ugh. Why do I feel this horrible? I have the worst cough in decades, headaches and fever. Yet, all three tests I did in the last 12h are negative. I guess other viruses still exist.

The tests claim to have a sensitivity of 98.26%. Random chance of getting three false negatives (assuming correct procedure) should be 0.00053%.

So I guess a cold then.

No idea where I got it, I'm still very much isolating and wearing a mask. Other germs should have it as hard as SARS-CoV 2.

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