@MichaelKlamerus I need to do such bargains with myself, otherwise I'll just keep getting hint after hint to the point where I could just watch a playthrough.

@MichaelKlamerus I have a deal with myself. Never look up a hint before putting at least two hours into trying to solve a puzzle.


@glc FWIW, last time we set up this instance and I'm more active here than there now, but there are lots of people I'm just reading, who aren't here, yet, sadly.

It's probably for the best when only people who are actually interested in the ideals of the Fediverse end up staying aboard.

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With it seeming likely that Elon is about to buy Twitter, I’m so glad this instance exists

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Joining hosts @Tijn and
@rnlf are DGC veterans @pix and
Esko ("firefyte"). We also got a voice message from Jozef ("jozy")
who interviewed his mum!

Thanks to all, we can't do this without you. If you also want to send a voice message you can email it to club@dosgameclub.com

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Just started a blog (still working on making it look more like a 90s site) and published an article from my zine about a long lost MUD


@MichaelKlamerus Is there an RSS somewhere and I'm just too dumb to find it?

@voxel I don't usually use the builtin screen. Only when it won't boot :-/

@kauer I've yet to see a kernel panic on a fully booted system that is not caused by my own broken kernel code.

I've had a few issues back in the day with certain desktop environments. After the third crash I switched and was happy again.

I guess nowadays with many desktop- and switcher-focused distros it's more likely for issues to surface.

Seeing how the day started, this screen is giving me more anxiety than anything else in my job.

Also, I'd prefer if it updated my laptop's firmware, not mine 😦

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Okay, apparently, one can just unplug the laptop for 30s which resets *something* so it boots again.

Thanks, Dell and Microsoft for this brilliant start into the working day.

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It finally rebooted and "Alert! A TPM device is not detected".

Guess I'm not gonna do any real work today.

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Missed my first meeting because Teams decided it's a "an unknown error has occured, trying to reconnect" kind of day and experience says only rebooting helps.

Now Windows has been restarting for 12 minutes. Last time it took so long, I just turned the laptop off and Windows took the entire system drive filesystem with it.

In 25 years of using Linux, I haven't had one tenth of the problems I had in three years of Windows.

Oh, now it started installing Updates.

Not what I asked you for!

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Ein fantastisches Projekt der @haecksen ist heute online gegangen! \o/

Blogpost dazu auf: haecksen.org

Mit vielen Infos und Hilfe für Betroffene des sogenannten "cyberstalkings".

Tausend Dank an all die fleißigen Haecksen für die viele Arbeit die in dieses Projekt geflossen ist! 😍😍😍

@wouter Felt more like references than clones to me. Nostalgic, really.

And I'm finally done, on the last evening of my vacation and just hours before RTMI comes out. Perfect timing. Only that I won't be home before Tuesday evening 😵‍💫

Took three hints from the UHS in the end. Not a bad result for someone who loves adventure games but really, *really* sucks at them.

All in all a pretty good game, IMHO.

Captured the spirit of the originals without copying them. The art style and animation were enjoyable and the voice acting is perfect.

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