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Minor spoiler, Stray 

Finished the game. The ending is even more heartbreaking than the beginning.

And I really wanted to see the cat reunited with its cat friends, which the devs didn't give me 😕

But it's a great game, really enjoyed it.

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I'm playing Stray and the first five minutes are such an emotional rollercoaster already.

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?

Playing Eye of the Beholder for the first time today because it's @dosgameclub's game of the month.

I played maybe 3 or 4 sessions of AD&D maybe 15 years ago or so. Not much left of what little D&D knowledge I got back then and this games appears to require quite a bit of that. Does a mage require Wisdom or Intelligence or both? How does that work?!? Anyway, stumbled my way to the dungeon's second level now.

Day 9: Negative Antigen Test 🥳

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Now I just need to survive a couple weeks without getting any long COVID problems.

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Slept pretty well. But today's test is halfway between yesterday's and the day before. I thought it'd be negative today 😕

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So, last night I managed to sleep somewhat okay for the first time since Tuesday.

Woke up to cough attacks only twice.

Today's antigen test is very encouraging. Here's the history for the last 4 days:

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Do you have Codeberg account?

Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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A shit. After waiting 25 minutes (test says 15-30), this happened. Hardly visible, but I doubt I'm imagining it.

RIP ☹️

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Ugh. Why do I feel this horrible? I have the worst cough in decades, headaches and fever. Yet, all three tests I did in the last 12h are negative. I guess other viruses still exist.

The tests claim to have a sensitivity of 98.26%. Random chance of getting three false negatives (assuming correct procedure) should be 0.00053%.

So I guess a cold then.

No idea where I got it, I'm still very much isolating and wearing a mask. Other germs should have it as hard as SARS-CoV 2.

I just finished Outer Wilds. It's brilliantly made. A game that only just fits into the "adventure" gerne. It's pure exploration in a lovingly crafted mysterious world with absolutely zero hand holding.

No "real" puzzles (almost), just your wits trying to make sense of what's going on and learning how to go where, and why.

It's a bit hard to get into, as you need to be self-motivated. You're just thrown into the world with little of a goal to start with.

I loved it start to finish.

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The is asking for donations. They "store over 99 petabytes of data, including 625 billion webpages, 38 million books and texts, and 14 million audio recordings."

Got a new camera arm. That'll make filming repair stuff a lot easier and give me much better viewing angles.

I'm eager to give this a try when the missing chemistry articles arrive for the Sharp repair.

In case you're wondering, the 3.55MHz clock signal doesn't look very clean because I used regular long ground leads. There's no easily accessible and big enough ground connection close enough to the clock pin for a ground spring.

I'm very okay with the way the signal looks. Knowing it's probably more rectangular in reality makes it even better.

Now I need to make a plan on how to continue and especially how to repair some of the ripped off traces.

Maybe epoxy? Just solder over them?

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This makes me really happy. For literally every other component on the board it's either super easy to find replacements or at least feasible to build substitutes with reasonable effort.

The CRTC was the only irreplaceable component and since it works, that means I can likely actually finish this project!


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The cleaned and tested oscillator is soldered back in.

I just tested all the outputs of the CRTC and while it's still too early to celebrate, I think it actually works just fine 😎

I tested all clock and sync signals, as well as the chargen row select address outputs and they all do precisely what I'd expect them to do.

Without a CPU installed it's too complicated to test any of the memory controller functionality, but I have no reason to believe it works any worse than the rest of the chip.

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Alright, I've powered the (mostly disassembled) board up for the first time.

No magic smoke, nothing getting hot, that's a good sign.

Draws about an Amp in its current situation.

Time to replace the oscillator and check CRTC sync and clock signals.

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