At the end of the temple is a crystal skull which gets us into the Valley of the Mists, which is full of dinosaurs

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You play as Joe King, pilot for hire, who crashes in the Amazon jungle and needs to find a way home.

But the real plot revolves around a Nazi professor who wants to turn Amazon warriors into dinosaurs

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I've been playing Flight of the Amazon Queen for Adventure Game Club (

I first played this around the time it came out, when I was about 12 years old and I was totally into it then. I can kind of see why now, because it's pretty goofy and juvenile haha

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Can we talk about the absurd, but wildly artistic adventure game, The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and thr Schnibble of Azimuth? It is a flawed game, but so vibrant and unique! It is dripping with charm!

First day of the year it’s nice enough to have my morning coffee outside ☀️☕️

There’s not really much to it tbh. It’s a bunch of metal bits that slide into each other to form a frame. Then you put a piece of wood on top and hey presto, it’s a shelf.

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Today in Shed Land we’re building a storage cabinet.

This looks like a really interesting course for musicians, teaching you how to create animations that go along with your songs:

Playing an optimised game of RCT2 pretty much consists of filling your park with these tiny corkscrew coasters (ticket price $4.50 per ride) alternated by ATM machines so your guests don't run out of money and leave the park 😅

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The half corkscrew counts as an "inversion". This makes it not require any additional features, eliminating any penalties for things such as the fact it's ridiculously short.

The fact it's synced to another one gives it a bonus.

All in all it's a fine coaster as far as the guests are concerned, even though it barely does anything.

It's also tiny and cheap, which means you can have dozens of these and make incredible profits.

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I followed an online guide to build the most "efficient" rollercoaster RCT2 allows.

It's a dual synced corkscrew coaster with a launch from the platform into a half loop.

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Shout-out to their podcast is excellent, I especially enjoyed the recent Raptor one. Highly entertaining for DOS nerds like me.
They've moved from Twitter to Mastodon too! Thanks @rnlf and @MichaelKlamerus
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@Spoonboy The IBM lives again so as promised here's what it looks like running. Regular CGA on the left, composite CGA on the right. I'm not going to say the graphics look great but they do the job and animate smoothly. They were all done with vectors, Another World style. Amazing how much could be packed onto a single 360K disk that way.

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is anyone interested in paid work on mastodon to customize an instance

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I got hold of an IBM 5150 recently (with help from a friend in the USA). Of course I use it for a couple of days and the PSU goes pop so I've been getting it fixed this evening. Electronics aren't exactly my thing so here's my low skill solution - rip out the PSU innards, stick a modern PSU inside the old PSU case, add an ATX-AT cable, solder a bit of old speaker wire from it to the flippy switch. Job done!. Unless you opened up the PSU you'd never know except I'm missing out on the fan noise.

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