watching a harmless gordon ramsay travel show and he just cited the eye-popping statistic that finnish people drink an average of nearly five cups of coffee a day

the gamer urge to wonder if something wild in a new game is actually just a bug

(knotwords spoiler)


learned the word "infix" today???

out of context rogue legacy 2 review: throwing the pizzas is slow but surprisingly effective

starting my group read of "under the banner of heaven" today and i'm excitedddd

🌙 moon day 🌙 after a showy eclipse we love that for her

blizzard doing the frat guy points contest from season 3 of veronica mars but unironically

new episode of my music therapy podcast trivial merit, where we make eight-song playlists that change our moods. today is aretha franklin! amazing

I followed an online guide to build the most "efficient" rollercoaster RCT2 allows.

It's a dual synced corkscrew coaster with a launch from the platform into a half loop.

i'm thinking of sunless skies, i'm thinking of risk of rain 2, and now i'm thinking of rogue legacy 2 -- examples of sequels to indie games that had surprising success. all three have made me feel a bit like an island, as a nontraditional gamer who's older and less cool.

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i have been thinking about:

something that happens when you like unusual or niche games is that you end up loving them and developing your own exacting style of play. then often, the sequels to these games expand on things that aren't what you valued about the originals.

fun fact that reveals everything about me: i turned 13 on friday the 13th. also i am of course a scorpio

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happy friday the 13th my friends! it's freya's and venus's day, and mercury in retrograde. tap into that sinister girl power however you see fit.

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