@worthlessbums do you already know Ologies did an otter episode?? probably everyone told you right

i couldn't think of the word homophobic so i said gayphobic

The DOS Games Jam has started! This is a casual, unranked jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for DOS. Tabletop games and zines inspired by games from that era are welcome too! The page also lists tools for creating DOS games


sun day. a sense of healing, of the truth, of beautiful and renewing things, of light and the future.

Today they waved at us for fun.
I wouldn't have any of it.
That's me, all self-important and lonely.
-- Joshua Beckman

the Horny for Abortion Access bundle is out now -- 17 games, stories, and books for just $7, with all proceeds to NNAF. itch.io/b/1493/horny-for-abort

by far one of the weirdest things about getting older is making friends with the generation(s) after you

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would you rather live in 20 6'x6' rooms or one huge room 24'x30' that can never have any dividers.

wrote a paragraph that's exactly 100 words. make a wish

Catdad things 

I know I talk about Poppy a lot, but she's such a sweetie!

This evening after work I found her loafed on the floor upstairs, meaningfully pointing at the piano. So I carefully slide onto the bench & start improvising softly in C minor.

Behind me, I hear a big *flompf*, and when I glance down, she's on her back, lazily wiggling along with the music 😁

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